Washing Nut Shels

The vegetable detergent

Die Waschnuss (Sapindus trifoliatus) ist in Indien schon seit Urzeiten als pflanzliches Waschmittel im täglichen Gebrauch. Man gibt ein paar Schalen in einem kleinen Säckchen (wird mitgeliefert) zusammen mit der Wäsche in die Waschmaschine und fertig. Für alle Waschtemperaturen geeignet: Bunt- und Kochwäsche 30 - 90 Grad, Wolle und Seide. Außerdem sind Waschnüsse farbschonend.

Bei hartnäckigen Flecken und bei Weißwäsche empfiehlt sich die Zugabe von etwas Fleckensalz. Die Waschnuss ist geruchsneutral. Für duftende Wäsche kann etwas Aromaöl dazugegeben werden. 1 kg Waschnüsse reichen für ein Jahr bei 2 - 3 Waschvorgängen pro Woche.

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More infos for Washing Nut Shels

  • neutral smell
  • completely biodegradable
  • protects colours
  • a real alternative for allergy suffers and those sensitive to chemicals (with the exception of Multiple chemical sensitivity patients)
  • up to 50% savings compared to conventional detergents.

Govinda Natur GmbH guarantee that their soap nuts can be used up to three times. At hot washing temperatures the shells become softer than at low temperatures. Shells can be used for more than one wash on the same day at low temperatures.

Liquid Soap: Soap nuts can be used to make liquid detergent for use as a universal cleaner. Pour 100-150 ml of boiling water pour over 2-3 halves and leave for 10-15 minutes The soap nut shells contain saponine which is released and combines with the water. Remove the soap nut shells, let the liquid cool and pour into a spray bottle.

Use as a shower gel/liquid soap/shampoo: Pour 250 ml of boiling water over 5 halves and infuse for 10-15 minutes The soap nut shells contain saponine which is released and combines with the water. Remove the soap nut shell, let the liquid cool and use in a shower gel bottle or similar container. Different concentrations can be used according to requirements. It is possible to dilute a mixture afterwards with more water. To strengthen the mixture, just re-boil add more shells. By kneading used shells more saponine is released.

Cleaning gold and silver jewellery: Soak 2-3 halves in boiling water for about 45 minutes Rub the soaked shells on the palm of the hand until a light foam is formed and use this foam to clean the jewellery. If required a soft toothbrush dipped in the liquid can be used for cleaning.

Use in the kitchen: Soap nut detergent is ideal for use in the kitchen because saponine has anti-bacterial, fat-dissolving and lime-scale removing qualities. Now people who suffer from allergies and are sensitive to chemicals have a real, natural alternative. Simply apply some soap nut liquid onto a sponge. It is advisable to clean the surfaces now and again with a little hot water to remove excessive saponine.

Personal care and the body hygiene: Natural saponine makes soap nut an excellent hair and body shampoo. As well as the cleansing properties, soap nut liquid, because of its natural ingredients, soften the skin and care for the hair. After washing the hair is easy to comb - a useful feature for those with hair that quickly becomes greasy. It is said that it even reduces dandruff and is effective against Psoriasis / Neurodermitis. It is even claimed to help prevent hair loss. The healing properties of the shells have been known for a long time in Ayurveda. Soap nut liquid can also be used in a soap dispenser. It is good for cleaning the fur of domestic animals. Carrying a few soap nut shells in your bag when travelling or on holiday is very practical. Just fill a wash basin with hot water, let 2-3 half shells soak for some minutes until soft and then rub them together until foam is formed. To remove smaller stains, simply rub a soaked shell on a moist sponge and use this for cleaning.

Plant Protection: Soap nut liquid is a very effective way to protect plants from pests such as mites and aphides. Simply fill a spray bottle with the liquid and spray the affected plant once daily for a number of days. A liquid made from nettles will strengthen the result. To make a nettle mixture, just place nettles in water and leave for a few days. It will not be necessary to use chemicals.

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Washing Nut Shells

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