Tongue Cleaner (silver plated)

For a fresh breath

In the morning there is usually a coating on the tongue. This coating consists of toxins and bacteria and frequently causes bad breath, periodontitis and caries (tooth decay). It should not find its way back into the body again.

That is why it is very important to clean your tongue every morning, according to Ayurveda. It is best to use a special tongue cleaner. It only takes a few seconds but it has an excellent influence on health and well-being. The American Association of Dentists also supports this simple procedure. "I really think that it takes oral hygiene onto a higher level", says Richard Price, Professor of Dentistry in Boston and spokesman for the Dentists Association.

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The classical Ayurvedic text book, Charak Samhita, states: "Deposits on the tongue obstruct the breathing and give rise to bad breath. Therefore the tongue should be cleaned regularly."

Grasp the tongue cleaner with both hands at the ends and spread with gentle pressure 2-3 times from back to front on the tongue. Rinse the tongue cleaner under running water.

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