Shanti Incense Sticks

Peace – Warm and relaxing

« Spirit of Vinaiki » Incense is guaranteed to be free of toxic substances. They are made from pure natural products according to original ayurvedic recipes in India. Many incense sticks contain harmful substances, sometimes even nerve toxins.

In Ökotest (2/99) "Spirit of Vinaiki" incense sticks have been confirmed as the purest quality.

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Standards for safety and quality

Our quality management for ayurveda products is unique in Europe. It consistently guarantees safety and the highest quality.

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Additional Info

Details for Shanti Incense Sticks

SKU 11029
EAN 4260159550603
Delivery time approx. 2-3 working days
Net quantity 1 packet of 10 pieces
Brand Spirit of Vinaiki
Manufacturer DANA Import & Vertrieb, Auf dem Rübenkamp 14, 51570 Windeck, Germany
Extra product advice

Let burning stick never be unattended

Use recommended mounts

Set on fixed and non-flammable base

Do not give to children

Label language English, German
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