Hingvashtaka Churna (powder)

Traditional ayurvedic spice preparation

We use high-quality sustainable raw material for our Hingvastaka powder, which is carefully harvested, cleansed and dried. Although it is a traditional product, modern manufacturing and drying processes are also used in compliance with internationally recognized hygiene standards. Each batch is subjected to our quality assurance system and tested for heavy metals, bacteria and molds and possibly other parameters by a German certified laboratory. Our quality management places particular importance on the testing for any microbiological contamination of the plant material. For a country of tropical origin like India, this is a crucial aspect of product safety. Whenever necessary, we carry out a gentle germ reduction.

No fillers or additives are added to the powder. It comprises with all its components and phytochemicals the full value of the plant.

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Standards for safety and quality

Our quality management for ayurveda products is unique in Europe. It consistently guarantees safety and the highest quality.

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More infos for Hingvashtaka Churna (powder)

Hingvastaka is pacifying the doshas vata and kapha in line with Ayurvedic knowledge.

Brief overview

  • Lat.: roasted Ferula foetida, Cuminum cyminum, Carum bulbocastanum, Piper nigrum, Piper longum, Zingiber officinale, Apium graveolens, rock salt
  • Traditional ayurvedic plant product, certified organic
  • Pure herbal preparation without fillers or additives
  • Country of origin: India
  • Tested by a certified German laboratory to ensure product safety.  This product is in conformity with the German/EU-Directives in respect of heavy metal, bacterial and mold contamination.
Additional Info

Details for Hingvashtaka Churna (powder)

Product description Traditional ayurvedic spice preparation
SKU 11990
EAN 4032582018308
Delivery time approx. 2-3 working days
Net quantity 500 g
Brand Classic Ayurveda
Food business operator responsible Amla Natur GmbH, Butterberg 3, 21279 Drestedt, Germany

Ginger, black pepper, long pepper, wild celery, rock salt, cumin, caraway, asafoetida

Dietary type Vegan
Advice for allergy sufferer Contains celery
Label language German
Quality check View product specification
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