Buddha Tea Box, organic

All 11 teas to try or give away

Find your favorite tea! Individually packed in the Buddha Tea box all 11 Hari Tea varieties are included. The noble tea bags are made of pure cotton. In addition, each bag contains the history of the type of tea.

Preparation of Buddha Tea Box teas

Pour a tea bag with 300ml of boiling water and leave to draw for 4-6 minutes.

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Additional Info

Details for Buddha Tea Box, organic

Product description Herb and spice tea in cotton bag
SKU 11661
EAN 8717853491320
Delivery time approx. 2-3 working days
Net quantity 11 tea bags à 2 g (22 g)
Brand Hari Tea
Food business operator responsible Hari's Treasure, La Alternativa B.V., Weteringschans 108i, 1017XS, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ginger & Lemon - Mindscape - Herb and spice tea

Ginger* (39%), Lemon Grass* (15%), Turmeric Root*, Cardamom*, Peppermint*, Sage*, Black Pepper*, Lemon Myrtle*, Lemon Peel*, Lemon Juice*, Rose Petals*

Linden Flower & Chamomile - Sweetheart - Herb and spice tea

Linden Flowers* (52%), Chamomile* (26%), Ginger*, Sage*, Turmeric Root*, Black Pepper*, Rose Petals*

Roisbos Chai - Inner Connection - Herb and spice tea

Rooibos* (52%), Thyme* (11%), Lemon Grass*, Honeybush*, Cardamom*, Peppermint*, Cinnamon*, Turmeric Root*, Black Pepper*, Lemon Myrtle*, Lemon Juice*, Orange Peel*, Rose Petals*

Hibiscus & Mint - New Sensation - Herb and spice tea

Hibiscus* (21%), Fennel*, Rose hips*, Spearmint* (7%), Peppermint* (7%), Cinnamon*, Green Rooibos Tea*, Apple*, Roasted chicory*, Blackberry Leaf*, Black Pepper*, Ginseng*, Coconut*, Turmeric Root*, Rose Petals*

Jasmine Tea & Ginger - Within & Without - Herb and spice tea

Jasmine Green Tea* (42%), Ginger* (21%), Lemon Grass*, Turmeric Root*, Peppermint*, Black Pepper*, Lemon peel*, Rose Petals*

Spicy Choco Chai - Mystery of Desire - Herb and spice tea

Cocoa Shells* (54%), Anise*, Blackberry Leaf*, Cornflower*, Ginger*, Hibiscus*, Cinnamon*, Turmeric Root*, Black Pepper*, Coconut*, Lavender*, Chili* (1%), Vanilla* (1%), Natural Flavour, Rose Petals*

Green Tea & Flowers - Forget me not - Herb and spice tea

Sencha Green Tea* (64%), Linden Flowers* (8%), Lemon Grass*, Elderflower* (3%), Basil*, Rose Petals*, Turmeric Root*, Black Pepper*

Hooneybush & Cinnamon - Tummy in Harmony - Herb and spice tea

Cinnamon* (15%), Honeybush* (15%), Rosemary*, Fennel*, Coriander*, Ginger*, Anise*, Cardamom*, Black Pepper*, Blackberry Leaf*, Star Anise*, Lemon Grass*, Jasmine Green Tea* (2%), Turmeric Root*, Rose Petals*, Cloves*, Bay Leaf*

Rose & Hibiscus - Face the Moment - Herb and spice tea

Rose Hips*, Apple*, Fennel*, Hibiscus* (17%), Beetroot*, Blackberry Leaf*, Rose Petals* (3%), Juniper Berry*, Natural Flavour, Black Pepper*, White Pepper*, Bay Leaf*, Lavender*, Turmeric Root*, Ginger*p>

Golden Chai - In Harmony - Herb and spice tea with black tea

Black Tea* (30%), Honeybush*, Cinnamon*, Ginger*, Cardamom*, Black Pepper*, Orange Peel*, Cloves*, Turmeric Root*, Rose Petals*

Green Tea & Mint - Inner Flow - Herb and spice tea

Sencha Green Tea* (44%), Peppermint* (42%), Spearmint*, Blackberry Leaf*, Orange Extract*, Turmeric Root*, Black Pepper*, Rose Petals*, Chili*

* certified organic

Storage instructions

Store in dry conditions

Dietary type vegan
Certificates Organic
Certificates details MA-BIO-143 (EU-/Non-EU-Agriculture)
Label language German
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